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My drawings are unique and of my own.

~Expression section~
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What I love~
Howl by staticwindsleeping totoro - free icon! by RRRAIFree Icon: Jiji by ValaSedaiFree Icon: Howl and Calcifer by ValaSedaiOM NOM NOM by prosaix

Artist I adore~
:Stamp: I Support Linkaton by Linkaton:iconmicca-lovers:sf_stamp2 by HavokPandaAdoption: Taho by Kimir-RaAdoption: Sif by sionraAdoption: Dragon by Kimir-Ra
Texting isn't a way to talk right. Walking away without both parties to speak is not appropriate neither.
 . . .
I just wish this pain I have now wouldn't kill me so much inside... This pain is driving me insane... I don't wanna live without you present in my life!... NO. No one can take your place! I WON'T BEEE Happy without YOU in my Life! As much as you say I'll be happier in the arms of another. I WON'T. As much you think it. I CAN'T! I feel sick and nauseous in the mere thought of another!!... I can't eat... my sleep is restless... I can't think to myself if not I break out in tears. . . I had to be excused from working on the main floor to going to the backroom or bathroom to cry my eyes out... I'd rather miss you everyday.... than not have you in my life...It's been 10+ Years! Your in my life Alexandra Lea! No Matter how you look at it! No matter how you RUN from it! It's a truth, a fact. I'm NOT a bandaid to just 'rip off' because I was never a bandaid to begin with. Your burned into me, and even if the burn heals, a scar is left in its wake. All because of distance, you may think it's impossible, but It's NOT. We have seen each other face to face once before and it was THE MOST HAPPIEST I have ever been... I have accepted you whole heart and everything that comes with you to have you just give up on the idea?! It doesn't sound like you would let your dreams go! You had wanted the surgery for a few YEARS and you just wanna give up!? Looking for places to move to that accepts it? Was that all for not?! Was I all for not?... 

Te Nesesito Mi Amor...


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Digital War: Taru Mage*2ND UPDATED* by WolfShadowYuma
Digital War: Taru Mage*2ND UPDATED*
EDIT! Major Upgrade!!! Working out some of the kinks but on there way!


*3/11 Fixed a few things, added new content. Relationships will be coming Soon.

Name: Taru Mage

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Digivice: Old GBA

Digital Shard: Courage :iconshardcourageplz:

Height: 6’0

DOB: Febuary 29th(leap year)

Nationality: Japanese/Turkish

• Plays the cello, (mostly for his Digimon)
• Can cook rather well.
• Has a beautiful singing voice (according to his Digimon)

• Lives in a one room apartment in Shibuya
• Pays his respects to his sister’s grave often
• Practices his songs in the shower (even if he is shy to sing in public)
• Never had a steady girlfriend (or boyfriend for that matter) ((HA SO TRUUE))
• Has an air of charm
• Sometimes has a frisky manner while talking
• Has coughing spasms ( smog, smoke, debris, a moment with no air)
• Goes to the Pharmacy for his check-ups and or meds
• Voice :… (looks are deciving to his voice no?)

• Sometimes old fashioned
• Gentle
• Caring
• Respectful (mostly to other woman)
• Sort of a skirt chaser
• Can be reckless
• Playful tease
• Kinda cold (when angered)
• Straightforward (Mostly Always)

• Any form of music
• Deeply cares for his Digimon
• Women (Or feminine men HUE) *
• Chocolate (any form)
• Drinking a certain sake, Strawberry Vanilla Cream (a brand which he makes called 'Mage Smooth')
• Mochi

• Snobs
• Anyone who disrespects a woman (even if it’s another woman)
• People who won’t hear him out
• Getting ‘let go’
• No confidence
• taunted

• Works in same said Pharmacy where he gets his meds.
**NEW • Bartenders at The Crescent Moon Cafe --> (logo)

Single! :iconfuckyoubyeplz: OR IS HE???


In a hotel, Taru was sitting in his on the balcony looking out to the town near Shibuya. He was enjoying his time there for the while he had the rented hotel. Of course he wasn’t alone in the hotel, Zemi his younger sister, was the one who invited him with her. The door opened and Zemi gladly pranced in and shut the door. “Taru-pii~!! You stare into the distance long enough. Come on! Let have some fun! But first..” Zemi sets down a tray with green tea and pours. “Come have some tea with your little sister Taru-pii.” Taru grunted a bit as he removed his gaze from the window but as soon as he moved his gaze something seemed to dart across the street.. Taru quickly looked back squinted and it looked like a man on a large horse. Taru thought he was dreaming and rubbed his eyes roughly and the next moment, it was gone. “Taru-pii? Are you ok?” questioned his sister. Taru looked around the street semi frantic and looked to the sun. Was it being in the suns rays too long? “Y-Yea. I am fine.” He closed his eyes and walked to his sister.

He sat down on the sofa and rubbed his head. “You look a little pale Taru, maybe you should rest.” She then felt his forehead lifting up his bangs lightly. “Your warm.. Maybe it is cause of your hair is down.” She sat on her knees on the sofa and raised herself a bit taking off a red ribbon from her girly ribbon blouse. She looped it under all his loosely thick brown hair and tied it tight. “There, that actually looks good on you.” She smiled putting it over his shoulder having it fall some to his upper chest. “Zemi.. You don’t need to fuss over me so much, I can take care of myself.” He spoke softly to his little sister brushing her caramel colored hair to the side of her ear softly. “Besides, I’m your big brother so I am supposed to fuss over you!” with his last word he wrapped his arm around her neck giving her a soft nuggie. “Neeeee! Taru-pii!!! Noo!” she squealed as her hair was messed up. He chuckled as he stopped. Zemi’s hair stuck up at all ends as she gave her Brother a glare back with a smile. “Oh gezz..” recuperating just on the thought what she may do backing up on the couch, Zemi then lunged at him tickling his rub cage. “Hahahahhh Z-Z-Zemi!!! HAhah! Coff, Coff!!” Zemi stopped and quickly got off and went to get his pills. Taru was having one of his cough spazums, breathing any type of smog, smoke, debris, a slight moment with no air throws him into a coughing fit. She came back and held out pills and cold glass of water. He drank them down and soon enough the coughing stopped. Zemi sat on the ground waiting for his ok anxiously. As he took in a deep breath and he patted her head. He then brought her close. He kissed her forehead and snuggled her. She lightly wept on his shoulder. “Shh.. I’m ok. I’m here and speaking to you ok?” he said to calm her down, running his fingers in her hair. She soon stopped and smiled, rubbing her tears away. “Good girl.” He cooed to her brushing her cheek. She realized something and went to go and grab her coat. “You just ran out of pills, I’ll go down and fetch you another prescription.” She opened the door as her brother stopped her saying he would come with her. She smiled and waited for him to get his coat. Taru opened the closet to get his jacket and as he was putting it on he looked out the window again. He saw a shadow of a man on a horse again. “Taru-pii!! What’s taking you?” yelled his sister. As he answered “Coming.” The shadow vanished.

“Ugh! That lady was so mean Taru-pii! That lady didn’t have to look at me funny..” pouted Zemi. “Well you did say I have ‘pretty’ hair.” Smirking and brushed Zemi’s head. “But it’s ok.” Smiling kindly to her. “I’ll be be alright, let me use the bathroom in this restaurant ok?” Zemi nodded and Taru walked in towards the bathroom.

Taru got out of his stall and washed his hands but, the lights began to flicker and dim. There was a shadow forming in the dimness of the room. Taru pressed his back to the wall, it looked like a half man half horse. He heard hooves stomping about on the tile floor. Taru was breathing fast as his fingers pressed to the cold tile, the face of the shadow got closer. As the light came back, the shadow vanished and he caught his breath. There was a loud shriek outside. To Taru’s worry, he jolted out the bathroom hearing yet more screams. “What is that?!” Taru turned to see his sister running away from something; he then heard hooves again and ran out the door. That horse thing was chasing his sister! Taru ran behind the monster and picked up a rock. “Hey! My little Pony!” he threw the rock and smirked. “Over here!!” As the thing turned, a single red eye glared back at him, and in its grasp was his sister. “Ahh!!! Taru help!!!” screamed out his sister. The centaur like monster started to run off with her again. Taru wasn’t having it and ran after it once more. He was reaching close and thought if he grasped the tail of the centaur type beast; but as anything with hooves reacted with a kick back sending Taru blacking out on the street floor.

Hours later he awoke in a hospital bed, dazed he sat up slowly and looked around. Sitting up he rubbed his forehead feeling his head throb, ‘Right, I got kicked to the head by a hove’ he thought. He heard sobbing and loud solid beep noise, this made him feel a cold chill momentarily. He looked next to him to see a girl and two people standing near her. It was his sister Zemi and his parents. He got up from the bed and stumbled to her bed. “NO!!! ZEMI!!” his hands shook her and he caressed her face lightly but he soon was shoved aside. “Step away Taru, this is your doing.” Taru looked stunned as his father pushed him to the wall and told him that to never show his face home. Try as Taru would to explain, but to no avail. As his father walked back and covered his sister with the white blanket, his mother spoke. “YOU ARE NO SON OF OURS!” with tears ridden in her features. They left without another word as doctors came in. Taru spoke to the doctor, seeing that Taru was Zemi’s brother, he left the room momentarily. Taru looked at the cold face of his long gone sister, he felt like he failed.. He couldn’t save her, he gripped her hands but as he did so, his pills were in her hands. ‘She kept them safe..’ he thought. More tears formed, he is alone now.. his sister gone from this world.

A soft light slowly filled the room, where was it coming from? The necklace around his sister’s neck glowed, his gameboy also glowed “It’s not your fault Taru.” Taru’s tearful eyes looked on hearing this voice. “Don’t blame yourself, you did what you could.” Said the voice as the glow slowly formed a rather large looking egg. It was a light blue with pink zig-zag strips on it. It started to jiggle in the air until.. *crack* The shell started to form a small light blue puffball. “Taru, please don’t blame yourself Taru. I’m here now.” The small puffball landed sofly across to his bed. I’m Vuumon, your Digimon!” Vuumon lunged at Taru and the only instint was to catch. It was warm, it felt jelly-ish. It came from her.. as if.. “Taru-pii!!” Taru’s eyes shot open, for a second he thought he heard his sister speak but it was coming from this.. Digimon called Vuumon. He soon felt his gameboy rattle and give off a weird noice. The gameboy had a weird symbol on it. He soon put Vuumon down on the bed and ruffled his head looking at the device when he felt something and slowly pulled it out. “A shard?” Vuumon looked extremely happy at Taru having this in position. Seeing the look on Vuumon’s face realizing this must be of importance. Taru looked back on his sister removing the blanket momentarily and looked at the necklace. “Sorry sis.. I need to borrow this.” He kissed her cold cheek and covered his sister once more. He then grabbed a tweezers from the table in front of his sister’s bed.

Soon finishing, he made it so that the shard was fixed to the necklace. Vuumon then told him he can’t lose that or his Digivice. He looked at his gameboy, well Digivice and tucked it to his front pocket. He kissed his sister’s forehead as Vuumon jumped on his shoulder. The Doctor entered and he bowed as he left.

Exiting the hospital, he jangled his pills in his pocket as well as his Digivice. He tucked the shard into his blue turtle neck, and Vuumon on his arms. “Well Vuumon, we have a lot to do. Vacation is over.” Vuumon cued in his arms. Getting his stuff from the hotel and renting an apartment, he and Vuumon stayed in the city of Shibuya. Vuumon told him all about Digimon and explaining what Digimon attacked his sister, a Centarumon. But this one seemed twisted by the sound of it. Vuumon, now in its in-training stage Vulbelmon informed Taru about the Digiworld and its situation. Taru thought and agreed. After hearing there are others like him, it’s worth a shot. From then on, Vulbelmon and Taru have been the best of friends and thinks of her as a ‘last gift’ from his little sister.

Digimon Partner: Vulbelmon
Gender: Female

This spirited Digimon is very protective of its Tamer. Seems to chase other girls when Taru hangs with them. She loves her Tamer for it to seem like jealousy to others. Besides that she has wicked aim and a good heart. Just don’t cross her, she froze the hair on the last girl that visited Taru.  
She has shown her true colors in showing she wants only the best for Taru. She always wants him happy and would go that extra mile for him. AKA when the one he lies walks away, she followed them to make sure they got home safe. Taru continues to think she is his sister re-encarnated into data of a digimon.

Vuumon -a small puff ball- She is the most cutest thing you would ever see. Mostly everyone thinks she is a stuff animal Taru carries.
Attack: – Cold Air

Vulbelmon -a cute rabbit-like digi- You would think she would be happy to have legs in this form but, sadly she can be the most iffy and upset in this form. (and the most defensive) 
Attacks: - Ice Bubble, Ice Guard

Vulmon -a coy like fox- Here she is relaxed and playful. Watch your stuff cause she'll make you chase her for it~
Attacks: - Cold Fire, Spirit Flare, Vixen Guard

Champion: Guardian and protector to a T, and doesn't question orders given. She is obedient and quick witted.
Jiraimon -a saber-tooth type digi-
Attacks: - Electro Blast, Quadra Fire, Drain Fang

Runeimon -a suave 5-tailed shaman(woman)-
Attacks: Terra rod, Time Seal, Crescent flare, 5 Tail Charge

Miamehmon -a dragon like wolf with a rather long body-
Attacks: Cold Flame Shower, Horns of Spirit, Flame Claw, Shocking Bind,
Energy Valiance-(an attack that drains her to her fresh state, sending her energy to another in dire need)


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Gunna start putting in my favorite artist here!

1. I love this woman to BITS! Go see her work! She can draw sexy ladies like no other. :la: :iconcarusimahikura:
2. I LOVE this woman's work so much! She draws men so delish you wish they were real. :iconlinkaton:
3. Very kind and very cool drawings!

. .

Digimon stamp by Okami-MoonyLove Digimon and Pokemon Stamp by MysticomOpinion stamp by xAshleyMxOCs pairing like Arranged marriage by Miss-NessaHMC Howl + Sophie Hug Stamp by TwilightProwlerHMC Sophie + Howl hug Stamp by TwilightProwlerPrincess Mononoke Stamp by TwilightProwlerKDS Kiki winking Stamp by TwilightProwlerHMC Howl hair Stamp by TwilightProwlerSA Chihiro + Dragon Haku Stamp by TwilightProwlerSA Chihiro + Haku Run Stamp by TwilightProwlerSA Chihiro + Dragon Haku Stamp by TwilightProwlerPonyo running on waves Stamp by TwilightProwlerTCR Haru and the Baron Stamp by TwilightProwlerKDS Jiji Stamp by TwilightProwlerThe Cat Returns Cat Haru Stamp by TwilightProwlerWhisper of the Heart Stamp by TwilightProwlerArrietty + Sho Stamp by TwilightProwlerLaputa Stamp by TwilightProwlerMNT Waiting in the rain Stamp by TwilightProwlerLate... by prosaixI wish... by prosaixI love Vulpix by prosaixMental Wi-Fi by prosaixSweet tooth by prosaixI luff chocolate by prosaixLife by prosaixI luff cheese by prosaixMeat lover by prosaixSwag. by PsychoteddiiReject Your Reality by PapaBearKCTales of Symphonia OP Stamp by linkhero55ToS - Refill Sage Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Kratos Aurion Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Sheena Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Zelos Wilder Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestToS - Regal Bryant Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestyuan by meimei-stampsToS Stamp by LinitaaSheelos stamp by GezusfreekPresea x Genis Stamp by PortgasDAnn:thumb127568500:Wolf Inside stamp by RonTheWolfArctic Wolves Stamp by HawaiifanWolf and Proud Stamp by KetrinoI'm a Wolf - Stamp by theBravewolf:thumb151801040:SSS Warriors Stamp- Whitestorm by Iron-ZingWitchy by RebiValeskaVampire Knight Stamp by GixyeThere is a line by Galaxu:icondtpplr1::icondtpplr2::icontoolazy1::icontoolazy2:Hard to be clear-Stamp by DinoclawsGiving happiness-Stamp by DinoclawsArt is Stamp by ultravioletbatJust Try, Make an Effort by fear-the-brillianceDoing Enough Stamp by SparkLumFriends.. even when fighting by ChikitaWolfCare Stamp by SparkLumDon't know what to say by eranashineAnger is Silly by skinnyveestampPush Away Stamp by SparkLumSTAMP: Backstabbers by neurotripsyMaturity Stamp by bigfunkychikenThe gladiator by SirvanaRachanaI'm Only Human Stamp by mylastelI wonder... by TokyoyoHLaughter Stamp by WolvenFlamesTyping Stamp by In-The-MachineWishful Thinking by whispwillCharacter Stamp by ArpieMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteClow Card - Stamp by sam-ely-emberSun And Moon by azianwolfdoll

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