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My drawings are unique and of my own.

~Expression section~
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What I love~
Howl by staticwindsleeping totoro - free icon! by RRRAIFree Icon: Jiji by ValaSedaiFree Icon: Howl and Calcifer by ValaSedaiOM NOM NOM by prosaix

Artist I adore~
:Stamp: I Support Linkaton by Linkaton:iconmicca-lovers:sf_stamp2 by HavokPandaAdoption: Taho by Kimir-RaAdoption: Sif by sionraAdoption: Dragon by Kimir-Ra


In this distilled time 
that we haven't spoken right with each other, 
My love still grows for you.
My heart races in the thought of you,
the mind replaying words we've spoken.
I will admit, my body aches for you.
Our bodies; an addiction I don't want to break.
Your voice like a symphony of cellos and trumpets that I hear in my head.
Some loud, some tremble.. and tremble me...
Your eyes I see when I shut mine, replaying
moments behind my eyes.
Your thoughts vast and knowledgeable,
I can always go to you with anything, as I should.
I am unafraid of the inner demons that lurk inside you, 
and supportive to your desire to modify yourself.
We may have had a hard time in seeing each other but,
I'll tell you.
MagDump- The Sol by WolfShadowYuma
MagDump- The Sol

Taru was highly content with his new done magazine. He had the scoop from everyone and anyone who chipped in to help. 

Candice took a first wack at things as she had come up to Taru one day. SHe was very enthusiastic over showing Taru these images of her brother. When Taru had asked of how come she wished to leak these embaressing pictures she mearly said " Hm... *giggles* It's cute to see his face all flustered~"
Taru nodded as he took looked at the pictures one by one as they entered the 
Café. "So, the embrassement is what your looking to get the thrill of? Heh, explain to me the maid outfit one?" He sat them at a table and ordered green tea for them to keep warm as they spoke.
"Well, we went to an Agumon village to celebrate my birthday." Candice began explaining as she took a seat opposite from the other, trying to keep her giggling down at the memory. "And he came out with a cake wearing that."
"What a dareing brother.. if my little sister was still alive. She would forse me to put one on." He chuckled as the tea the waitress placed down clacked.
More On Page 15</i>

Vulmon was digging around when she found a letter at Taru's door... it was sealed and had Lune symbol on it.  As Vulmon gave it to Taru, he opened it and saw the image inside. "Uhhh... well then." it came with an enclosed note of a photoshoot Eirick did with some black tape. More On The Sticky Matter On Page 37

Next was Julian with his interview, that also turned out very diffrent from what he came to him for, when he saw the intraments in his abode. He knew they had to have a musical interview.…
Taru got this strange call form a digimon called Tiramon to come to a house in a district and that he had an interview waiting on him. He pondered on accepting or not due to his last interviewer who almost killed him and his digimon. "What would the interview be on? . . . Uh-hn. Right. Okay then. See you then." he clicked his phone and hopped he wasn't led to wrongly. Vulbelmon was slowly recovering, she was a fresh digi for the longest. She jumped on him like a scaling rabbit as she spoke "So We are meeting a tiger?"

Taru had a paper with a note looking around for the apartment. "C-9, C-11..." he kept serching as he reached the place where his dorm number was at. As he got there he stood with his recorder and waited to see on him coming out. He emerged and made eye contact with him as he extended a hand "Julian?" he smirked. "It's nice to meet you." He said as he showed his pharmacy card. "I work at a pharmaceutical place, I sell a sake called 'Mage Smooth' and I picked up this as my 3 part time. Heheh, I'm hurting myself here but I do what is needed and I am good with my time. Espeshalliy when I go out to play my cello." he smiled. "May we go in and start?" More On Where To Hear Them Play On Page 40</i>

Then he had an interview with a lovely lady named June

Taru decided to go and meet up with June, the girl he had received an invitation. She told him to meet at the gym, he wondered if that was such a good idea. Knowing Taru he would want to test her endurance. But that wasn't too much of a streach from him wanting to sparr with her. 
The door to the gym opened as he came in his usual attire to workout. He wore his grey wife beater and his navy blue sport pants that made noise as he walked. His curly chocolate brown locks were held up by a red ribbon. "Hey Taru! I sense another digi!" she spoke vibrantly as she popped out of his hoodie. "Oh? Care to lead me to her?" she nodded and whispered to his ear what turns to take till he saw a woman petting a rather odd looking digi. "You know, we are suppose to still keep them hidden, June." he smirked as he fixed his workout bag on his back.

June jumped up and without thinking quickly stuffed the sleeping Dewmon on her duffle bag. "My bad I didn't think that..." wait, how did he know her name? And how did he know that she had a digimon? She relaxed and let her hands rest on her hips. "Are you...Taru?" Boy did she hopehe was. How awkward would it be if she had the wrong person. 

"I would be the only one allowed to scold you on such a thing, I am a old vet of 'The Sol'. I was a member when everything came into play." he said as he set his duffle bag down near her own bag as light blue fur and a pink nose poped out the back of his hair and hood. Vulbelmon curious as she listened in on the conversation. "Also, you should be thinking or your digimon's safty. You can quickly get targeted if your not careful. There are other digi who can shift into human for a period of time. Remember that." he ran a hand in his hair and felt Vulbelmon. "Be a good girl, and go rest in my bag for now. Ok?" he smiled as he watched her move in his hoodie and pop her head out up front at his chest and slid downward to come out the bottom of it and flop to the floor. 

Great, she must look like a fool in front of him. First she is carless about showing her digimon in public, then she roughly stuffs him into a bag. What a great first impression. She sighed a little while lowering her hand towards Dewmon, feeling embarrassed about being so careless while patting his small head. He only smiled at her then greeted Vulbelmon who now sat close to him. “I’ll be more careful next time, you can count on it!” She tiled her head to the side playing a bit with her pony-tail. “Wow you’re from the Sol?! Hey me too! But…I’m fairly new. Still getting the hang of things you know?” 

Taru nodded and noticed the tint on her cheeks from being embrassed from him scolding her. "It's fine. I mean we are human." he smirked and gave her a reassuring smirk. "All in all we all learn from someone." he turned and walked over to an open area where a few mattresses are at. "Come on, let us start the interview." he said as he brought his hands up, getting ready for a spar.
   June also got up and walked over to him wondering what he had planned. It looked like he was getting ready for a sparring match? “Is this the way you do interviews? Okay then, I didn’t know you like to spar too.” She raised her hands up towards her face switching from attack to defense position. Now this was an interview she could do. “Okay, if you’re ready then, I won’t go easy on you.” Dewmon tilted his head to the side knowing that she was going way over her head going against Taru. 
    "Well, it keeps the blood running as we talk. Plus it looks like you work out so I expect you practice. I do warn you. I am an MMA fighter." he smirked as he dropped his center of gravity and slid to the floor rather quickly and clocked down her knees to a pin. "So. How old were you when you first started fighting?" he huffed a smirk.
His sudden drop in position towards her knees caught her off guard and she struggled to recover from the sudden attack and he balance shift. She stood up and quickly went into an attack position. “Well, I started taking Hap-Ki-Do lessons since I was 10. So about 6 years now.” She twisted to the side. Her right leg stretched out to the side in a side kick aimed towards his thigh. If she could get him off balance then it would make things easier for her. “You?”
  Taru smirked as he caught her leg and curled his long leg around hers and dropped to the floor with her into a pretzel hold. "Well, when I was little I have a defen I've training courses but when I was 14 I had started training in different martial arts. Now at age 20 I was qualified for a practing MMA fighter. I also play cello." He smirked as be locked his legs tighter in hopes to get her to submit.
"Ahhhh!" She quickly fell into his hold and tried to jerk and twist her way out. Oh boy he was good, better than good, he was as pro. Boy did she have a lot to learn. "Y
Cello huh? Not my kind of music." It was starting to get a little hard to breath. "I'm more of a rock and roll girl myself." She jabbed her elbow in his rib but it didn't do any good. As much as she hated to admit it, perhaps he won this match rather quickly. "Okay your point, I give this round!" Her was of asking to be let go.  More Fist Tossing On Page 49

THANKS for everyone this round in the mag! If you didn't get your pic or words in, There is always the next time!

:iconlavenderdomain: -June
:iconspatzart: -Candice
:iconsuperdemon-inuyasha: -Julian
:iconcocoasaurus: Eirik
:iconwolfshadowyuma: -Taru
I GET TAGGED! ...oh joy.. THANK YOU :iconevit-blackflaime: Don't know if I should thank you for getting me distracted by my own dark cloud..

My Questions:
1. What would you do if you woke up one day as the opposite gender/sex?
2. If there's one thing you could change or add to this world, what would it be?
3. Believe in extraterrestrials? Why/why not?
4. What is your New Year's resolution?
5. When writing/artsing what position and place is most comfortable?
6. If you were offered vampirism or lycanthrope, would you take it?
7. Favorite kind of music? List a song or two.
8. Want tattoos? Where and what kind?
9. Who do you look up to, real or fictional? Why?
10. Have you been so inspired that you couldn't get it out? If so, how do you deal with it?

My Answers: 
  Bere with me, I don't know how this will go:

1. What would you do if you woke up one day as the opposite gender/sex?
    Ahhhhhh, Walk with no shirt onnnnnn~~~ and not get stared at for my chest. But my abdominal~ (Oh I will have some, or try to XD) 
 That and.. well, nothing like a 'second head' to get a second opinion on things. :iconsmexytongueplz:

2. If there's one thing you could change or add to this world, what would it be?
   I would add a transporter to every transportation station. Or a holodeck to every large mall. Yes.... the future will be.

3. Believe in extraterrestrials? Why/why not?
   I do think we have something else out there, why not? Maybe we humans just lost the ability to see things like fairies and phoenixes. So, extraterrestrials aren't too far of a stretch for me to see. They are watching us, waiting.. to take us by storm. Or to enlighten. Or even to the fact we kill our own kind and they stay away or watch us burn... I don't wanna touch our spices sometimes, not even with 99 and a half foot pole..

4. What is your New Year's resolution?
 To get fit and stay healthy, todo a little bit of excise everyday or every two days. So far so good!

5. When writing/artsing what position and place is most comfortable?
  Well I have not a desk so, I art a lot on the floor or on my bed with something propping my computer.

6. If you were offered vampirism or lycanthrope, would you take it?
  Game! Lycanthrope for the win please! You know how wicked it would be to shift to four paws and run rampaid to anywhere? (without getting poached mind you)
    Having soft fur, speed, excellent eyesight in the dark as well as day. I wouldn't worry on how I got home half the time if I was able to shift. (lol, and puppy my way with food~)

7. Favorite kind of music? List a song or <s>two</s> ..ten.
   Well, heavy metal ,metal core, power rock, electric instrumental, hard rock, symphonic metal, symphonic rock, gothic metal, doom metal, electronic rock, alternative metal, industrial metal, electronic music, post-grunge..... the list goes on.. Irish drinking songs due to a certain someone.. 
  Ahhh.. songs I would 
recommend would be...  
   1. Santana - Into The Night = w=~
   2. Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Aiden - Cry Little Sister
. Velvet - Fix Me
   5. Incubus - Dig
   6. My Darkest Days - Move Your Body
   7. Goo Goo Dolls - Iris
   8. Hollywood Undead - Lion
   9. Shakira - Shewolf
 10. Celldweller - Switchback
 Annnddd that is all. For now. . w.

Want tattoos? Where and what kind?
 I have a tattoo on my back that I drew myself, it is two bat wings and a wolf paw in the middle.
One wing is black, the other white, one old, one new. Fly the night and run the earth~ 
 I do want another under my neck on my upper back, and another I want my mate to create. >w> I HOPE YOU READING THISSS XD

9. Who do you look up to, real or fictional? Why?
 Well, my godmother is one and she always inspired me to be better (even if she can be harsh.)
 But when it came to religion, whom I love, me telling my family I was bi.. (that took me awhile and hell broke loose when I said it),
and what I like doing or what I want to do, if I needed help in something, she has helped me in her Own ways, and I love her.

10. Have you been so inspired that you couldn't get it out? If so, how do you deal with it?
 BOOKS! READING! Once I get int a book i NEED to finish it. Lol. Usually it makes me wanna sketch out the characters I'm reading about and helps me then wanna draw My characters.
Anime, has to be a new one I take great interest into, or an old one I love seeing over again.
Listing to Trance music (varied) 
RPing sometimes helps. 
Seeing a movie works too.. and I think that is all I can think of for now.

I TAG~: :iconkawaii-chibi-kotou: :icontentaga: :iconphantommuse: :iconthe-exiled-draco: :iconlifelesseternal: :iconnayruswolf: :iconoatmealraisincookie: :iconincubat: :iconcarusimahikura:
Your Q's and A's Areeeee~:
1. Grabbing the nearest book to you, tell me what book your reading and the first sentence someone says.
2. If you had an option on learning a language (besides english) when you were growing up, which would it be and why?
3. Using the first letter of your first name, what animal did you just get turned into?
4. Want piercings/tattoos? Where and what kind?
5. Referring to the last book/anime/movie you've seen/read would you be able to survive in that scenerio? If not, how will it go?
6. Tell me the SoundTrack of your life. (Pick a movie/anime soundtracks...Please not Jurassic Park..-palms- )
7. Superpower time! What is your peer and how did you get it? (and noooo magical girls! XDD)
8. You live in an era of magical creatures, and you are a rider, what would you have for a steed and what power would it have?
9. You got sucked into the last game you played, what protagonist are you?
10. Name a few places you wish to travel to in the future. i.e. Ierland, Rome, ect.


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Gunna start putting in my favorite artist here!

1. I love this woman to BITS! Go see her work! She can draw sexy ladies like no other. :la: :iconcarusimahikura:
2. I LOVE this woman's work so much! She draws men so delish you wish they were real. :iconlinkaton:
3. Very kind and very cool drawings!

. .

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